Album: Hard Promises
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Released: 1981
Length: 4:31
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Well it didn't feel like Sunday
Didn't feel like June
When he met his silent partner in that lonely corner room
That overlooked the Marquee
Of the Plaza all-adult
And he was not lookin' for romance
Just someone he could trust

And it wasn't no way to carry on
It wasn't no way to live
But he could put up with it for a little while
He was workin' on something big

Speedball rang the night clerk
Said, "Send me up a drink"
The night clerk said "It's Sunday man, ...wait a minute
Let me think
There's a little place outside of town that might
Still have some wine"
Speedball said, "Forget it, can I have an outside line?"


It was Monday when the daymaids
Found the still made bed
All except the pillows that lay stacked
Up at the head
And one said, "I know I've seen his face
I wonder how he is?"

And the other said, "Probably just another clown
Workin' on something big"

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 Kev_Mo wrote:
Caught him on the Southern Rebels tour at Reunion Arena in Dallas—great show by a talented & prolific singer/songwriter, and my first dorm roommate freshman year of undergrad was from his hometown of Gainesville, FL. As the roomy related, I guess Tom didn't care much for G-Ville, hear "One Story Town" on the Long After Dark LP for affirmation.

I think TP's relationship with Gainesville was a little more complicated than that. Try checking out the biography.  It's a great read.
Love this, one of his best songs, and not ruined by non stop classic rock radio repeat.  I need to revisit this album, it has the other great underrated song by  him "Woman in Love."
So many fine songs and fine memories to go along with the songs given to me by this man.  I will truly miss this rock and roll legend.  I felt he had a lot left to give but it wasn't to be..his time was now. Thank you Tom, rest in peace, brother
 CCinSB wrote:
{#Group-hug} group Petty hug. 

backatcha {#Group-hug}

I'm sure I'll become an even bigger Petty fan now that he's gone.  I was a kid watching MTV when I first learned who he was with the "Mary Jane's Last Dance" MTV video (which was pretty cool) and then as I got older and my musical tastes expanded I found out about the Bob Dylan connection.  At times I commented on how much Tom emulated Bob, yet as I sit here mourning the passing of another rock icon, I can't help to think how much more open Tom was during interviews than Mr. Dylan (as a Bob song comes up next in the playlist).  He was VERY cool, a total troubadour, and very successful.  RIP Tom!

Long Live RP!!

 expatlar wrote:
Sitting here at 58-yrs-old, choking up for some guy I didn't even know. Everybody needs a good cry sometimes I guess, and it's sad that ol' Tom didn't get more years.

Amen.  51 for me, and the same. For a while every time I hear one of his songs it will be like this.
At least he learned to fly at an early point in his life... Fly well Tom {#Angel}
Sitting here at 58-yrs-old, choking up for some guy I didn't even know. Everybody needs a good cry sometimes I guess, and it's sad that ol' Tom didn't get more years.
{#Group-hug} group Petty hug. 
RIP Mr. Petty.{#Sad}
I'll miss you my ol' friend 
Gonna miss ya {#Heartkiss}
Heartbroken.  RIP to an amazing musician.
RIP Tom Petty
RIP Tom ,,, 
What happened to Speedball?
Daymaids comments are in present tense, "wonder who he is" rather than "wonder who he was"... I think he will be OK.
Now I think I know who Mick Jagger copied, accent wise, that is.
Right on Baby_M.  I was an early Petty fan and this type of quality music was the reason.  Saw his first appearance in So. CA where I was living at the time and he knocked the socks off the crowd.  Have seen dozens of show since over the years and that longevity is the sign of a great musical artist.  The tour with Dylan in the 80's was a particularly special one.  Check out the documentary on him sometime: