Leon Russell — Roll Away The Stone
Album: Leon Russell
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Released: 1970
Length: 3:04
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Well it's such a strange world that I'm living in
She was my woman and she was my friend
But I was wrong again.
Such a strange changes that you put me through
But like a fool I fell in love with you
What can this poor boy do?

Roll away the stone
Don't leave me here alone
Resurrect me and protect me
Don't leave me laying here
What will they do in two thousand years?

It's such a strange time that we're passing through
I thought you'd tell me when your time was due
I guess you thought I knew
Strange way to keep avoiding me
Why did you lie how could I help but be
Oh won't you help me be?
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Leon and his signature, slightly exaggerated, draaawl…
12:03 pmLeon Russell
Roll Away The Stone
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Bill is trying to melt the snow with this set

Farewell, Leon.

Leon. Any. Time. 
 horseplayer wrote:
Oh yeah, and It's a mightly long way down rock n' roll
From the Bradford cities to the Oreole
And you look like a star but you're still on the dole
....all the way from Mem-phis I mean, I hear that too, don't you? (And I know who ripped off whom)
Leon wrote his ass off.  For everyone.  If you're going to say anything other, I'm not listening.  {#Meditate}
Good stuff, without a doubt.
It's a mighty long way down rock and roll. 
some of this would be good
thank you Jesus,...and you too Bill
Why have only 246 of you rated this song when it was recorded in 1970? When were you born? Versus, is this not a timeless classic?
 Propayne wrote:
Check out "The Wrecking Crew" doc.

+2  Excellent doc. 

Also check out Elton John's speech inducting Leon (his hero) into the RR Hall of Fame.  
 passsion8 wrote:
Does the "News Blimp" mean anything to anyone hearing this?

They used this song as an outro to this show:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Master Of Space And Time

Does the "News Blimp" mean anything to anyone hearing this?
geeze bill i've not heard such great music ...since i can't even remember when.  sorry the bucks are short and i haven' t been contributing regularly.  you are playing lotsa greats!
Check out "The Wrecking Crew" doc.
Seems to be nostalgia day on Radio Paradise today... :) 
Awesome! Love me some Leon Russell. How about Girl From the North Country some time too ;^ )
Oakie boy couldn't hit the note with a pitch fork but he sure could sing, furshur. Gets an 8 from Billyburg.