Count Basie — Jumpin' at the Woodside
Album: The Count Meets The Duke
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Released: 1961
Length: 3:05
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Mr Super Chief himself! 

Not to be confused with Mr. Super Harp...James Cotton. 

This world can be confusing. Thanks heavens music can sort it all out. 
Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins on tenors?  
This track is too slow and subtle. The Count was too reserved. 

If I were to devise a playlist to a workout I was leading, this one might be on it. 

Have the medevacs standing by! 

Thanks, BillG!  When you pull one from the non-rock-and-roll genres, you pull classics and goodies!

 From Wikipedia, and "the band" refers to Count Basie's band:

The location in the title refers to the Woodside Hotel, which was located on Seventh Avenue at 142nd Street in Harlem (and has since been demolished).  It was operated by Love B. Woods, an African-American who operated a number of "dingy flophouses", some of which had "unsavory reputation(s)".  But the Woodside distinguished itself by becoming a popular place for jazz musicians and Negro league baseball teams to stay while in New York during segregation.  Later, Woods would become better known for his involvement in operating the Hotel Theresa, a much more upscale hotel that was called the "Waldorf of Harlem".

The band stayed at the Woodside repeatedly and even rehearsed in the basement of the hotel.  Singer Ella Fitzgerald (who sometimes performed with the band) also stayed at the Woodside in 1937 when the band was playing at the Roseland Ballroom.

 the_jake wrote:

Gene Gene the Dancin' Machine from "The Gong Show"   
Early reality TV? 

RIP Gene.
I came to this music via Asleep At The Wheel - a Texas swing band. Once I dicovered the originals I never stopped dancing and jiving!

Good to groove!
just... joy!
My finger wants to bump this to 10.
I have this on vinyl. but my all time fave is Ellington at Newport  1957 the crowd goes wild by the second side.
Love Radio Paradise! but after the last 3 songs Tindersticks is kind of a let down.
Sorry, every time I hear or see Count Basie I am reminded of Blazing Saddles....
 ice-9 wrote:

Gene Gene the Dancin' Machine from "The Gong Show"   
Early reality TV? 
boogedy boogedy boogedy

Whew, I need a cigarette!  And I don't even smoke!
Don't mean a thing if it aiin't got that swing
 ice-9 wrote:

Please make it stop!
 Just what I needed.
Great tune, as long as you're not hungover.  ; )