Kent — 400 Slag
Album: Du & Jag Döden
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Released: 2005
Length: 4:56
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Domen föll på en morgonflight till London
Som tysta tunga steg på väg mot dig
Domen föll trots att du alltid använt kondom
Å med lien på svaj väntar din gamle vän

Och som ni lekte när ni var barn
Du stod i givakt med din rygg rak och tog fyrahundra slag

Sömnen kom och du som låg så rätt i tiden
Domen föll som tårar mot din skärm
Sömnen kom som en åsikt högervriden
Men mot dollar och yen så blir döden lätt ett skämt

Och som ni lekte när ni var barn
Du förlorade ditt krig du står ensam kvar
Och ingen kommer till ditt försvar
Så du står givakt med din rygg rak och tar fyrahundra slag
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Hmm, 400 Strokes (the title in English). I must admit, the stuff from Kent I've heard on RP is pretty stellar stuff; solid rockers with edge!
Kent the band is quite good....My Grandmother used to smoke Kent Cigs....I wonder if those are still around  ?
I hear U2

 yes yes Ja Ja  

 Skydog wrote:
just not in the mood, this is very boring, sounds like modern 'Adult Contemporary"

Kinda like Coldplay mixed in with later U2. In Swedish. Not my cuppa.  
First cigs smoked Kent
ewwwwwwww why 
just not in the mood, this is very boring, sounds like modern 'Adult Contemporary",320_.jpg
Wow! your playing kent! Been a fan of Kent for alot of years now, never have the chance to see they live, but gonna do this is october at their last tour! Play more Kent!
Play more Kent, they are splitting up in the end of 2016 :-( Just one more album due on May 20th.
Wow, I can't believe it - RP is playing Kent! Albin..?
The drum work is nothing like U2, and it really makes this song.
So what do your Swedish friends think of that Norwegian writer describing Sweden as a nation of narrow-minded  'cyclops' who cannot tolerate ambiguity?  
To all the Swedish RP listeners, please upload more Swedish music.

Tusin tuck.   
I was just thinking, I'd like to hear some Kent, and three songs later, Radio Paradise delivers.  Does any other (non-Swedish) station even know who Kent are?  I love Radio Paradise, this song is pretty good too!
A song that sounds like U2 but isn't. Does that mean we're allowed to like it?
Thought it was The Cure during the intro. Will have to explore more of this artist. Sounds great.
Named after an English County or Superman's surname? either way, the word Slag in English generates a little mental titter
Wow.  Second Kent song I've heard here today.  And I leave for Sweden in two days.  How did Bill get my itinerary?
striking cover. something about it i like v much. the eye moves around and keep finding oddities - i-spy.. a bent beer can on a stalk of grass. a macaroni elbow? a silhouette of a slinking beast on the horizon
For a second I thought this was a U2 song.
Sweden again.........{#Bananasplit}
Now that I know what the album title means that album cover is brilliantly clear.

 NeuroGeek wrote:
I'm curious as to why this band isn't in heavier RP rotation???  {#Stupid}  Would like to hear more...

This is the second song from Kent today, just since I've been at work.
 sub-arctic wrote:

"400 Blows" would be more correct in this context.

Does this song have any references to the famous Truffaut film Les Quatre Cents Coups? I'm not arty and sophisto enough to have seen it, but the phrase, if a good translation, is unlikely to be accidental. Fine song, whatever it means, and easily as good as the other Kent stuff played on RP. 8 from the Scandophile (is that a word?) Nottingham jury.

Edit: I thought so - according to the excellent People's Dictionary of Swedish, "slag" means, amongst other things, 'strike' or 'blow'. So the title must be a direct reference to the Truffaut film.
I'm curious as to why this band isn't in heavier RP rotation???  {#Stupid}  Would like to hear more...

Great intro to what is possibly their best album to date, new one out in April 2012 though :)
"There was a young fellow from Kent, whose **** was exceedingly bent......"

While I was born there, I must be atypical.
Kent is my favorite band of all times! Nice to hear them here at RP.
 Roverfish wrote:
These guys are trespassing on the Cure's property!
I see your point, but I'll take their singer over Robert Smith anytime.

 SweTex wrote:
Song: 400 Battles
"400 Blows" would be more correct in this context.

Artist: Kent
Song: 400 Battles
Album: You and Me Death

I like this song quite a bit, but evidently it's not one of their best; maybe somebody could upload some others.  i'm just going by bikinikaratebabe below.  I mean what with the tatoo and all

Had to turn it up; knew it was Kent.
Does that little man-puppet on the cover have a set of pointy banana boobs? 

hello, people! thought i'd might as well throw in a translation:
The sentence fell on a morning flight to London
like quiet, heavy footsteps coming towards you.
The sentence fell even though you've always used condoms
and  your old friend awaits you with his swinging scythe.And how you played when you were children
and you stood at attention with your back straight
and took 400 blows/hits

The sleep came, to you who kept up with time.
the judgment fell like tears on your screen/ shield
The sleep came like an extreme right-winged view (political right, extreme would be like fascism... might not be this extreme, though.)
but against dollar and yen, death easily becomes a joke.

And how you played when you were children
You lost your war
You are left there alone
and no one will come at your defense
So you stand at attention with your back straight and take 400 blows.

Think the song is about aids, maybe? dunno, but it's fabulous. not one of my favorites, though.. if i can give you guys a few recommendations for further listening(and this comes from someone with a Kent-tattoo ):

  • Chance
  • 747
  • Vy från ett luftslott - the view from a castle in the air
  • noll - zero
  • stoppa mig juni (lilla ego) - stop me, june (little ego)
  • kevlarsjäl - Kevlar soul
  • en himmelsk drog - a heavenly drug
  • palace & maine
  • en helt ny karriär - a completely new carrier
  • utang dina andetag- without your breath
  • celsius
  • cowboys
  • hur jag fick dig att älska mig - how I made you love me
  • ingenting någonsin - nothing ever
  • columbus
  • FF
  • Kärleken väntar - the love awaits
  • som vatten - like water
  • saker man ser - things you see/notice
  • när det blåser på månen - when the wind blows on the moon
  • gravitation
  • generation ex
  • ingen kommer att tro dig - no one will believe you
  • 10 minuter (for mig själv) -. 10 minutes (by my self)
  • Visslaren - the wistler
ooops, got a bit carried away there. but those are some of the best songs ever made. i know most of you don't understand the lyrics, but if you already liked 400 slag, you will definitely like these as well (they are better:-)).

donpdonp wrote:

the cover art rules. it reminds me of tim burton.

reminds me of a tim burton wheel for a
Ya gotta love Kent....beautiful language..
A very good song. But Kent has done well better. Play more different Kent songs please.
Very good would love to hear more!
Very Nice!
great !
Excellent Song.
donpdonp wrote:
what language is this sung in? some form of elvish?
And swedish is almost the same language as elvish... :wink: They released an album as two versions, swedish and english, a couple of years ago, but it came out nobody was interested in the english lyrics. Although one of their english songs is played here now and then.
donpdonp wrote:
what language is this sung in? some form of elvish? the cover art rules. it reminds me of tim burton.
Swedish, the language of the brave and heroic.
what language is this sung in? some form of elvish? the cover art rules. it reminds me of tim burton.
What I like is that I've listened to RP for hundreds and hundreds and *hundreds* of hours over the years, and songs like this come on that I haven't heard before, but often like and enjoy even on a first listen, and I don't know anywhere else I can get that, let alone commercial-free. So, yet again... Thanks Bill!
Don't understand a word they're saying, but I like it! 7/10