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Phantogram — Suzie
Album: Eyelid Movies [2022 Expanded Edition]
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Total ratings: 256

Released: 2022
Length: 3:38
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Here is where Suzie flew
After she said goodbye
A thousand shades of blue
In her electric eyes
Into the outer light
The wings go to space
Listen for the sound
Of you
Here is where Suzie fell
Into your bloody hands
Hoping to fly away
Before she's hypnotized
Staring into your eyes
Your face is all out of place
Melting into the leaves
Giving to the trees
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Reminds me of Talk Talk when the guitar comes in. Unfortunately, that sets a very high bar.
Even though this sound isn't in my regular listening range, it really is quite attentive, start to finish. 
What a discovery and deja vu...parts of my family grew up in tiny Greenwich NY and to enjoy this band that claims this to be home is a first for me and my 60 years of chasing music.
reminds me of Shearwater in a good way
grabbed me from the start...... then the drum machine joins in... imo, just wrong production choice, wonder did they release a version without it, that would be worth a listen
Great band, and a very good album. This track is "good" but there are better and more compelling ones on this album.
Reminds me of Enigma... in a good way. :)
Seems melancholy to me.
Giving a 6 rating to start off.

Nice new tune, new for me at least. Love the singer's voice.
Nice!  Glad to have them back!