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John Lee Hooker — I'm Bad Like Jesse James
Album: Boom Boom
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Total ratings: 146

Released: 1992
Length: 2:10
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I had a friend one time
Least I thought I did
He come to me
Said, 'Johnny?'
Said, 'What man?'
'I'm outdoor'
I say, 'Yeah?'

I taken the cat in
Get him a place to stay
And I found out
He goin' 'round town
Tellin' ev'rybody that he
He got my wife

Then I gets mad
I goes to the cat
Like a good guy should
I said, 'Look man
'I'm gonna warn, you just one time'
Next time I warn you'
'I'm gonna use my gun'

'Cause I'm mad, I'm bad, like Jesse James

I'm so mad, I'm so mad
I'm gonna ruin you this mornin'
I've got three boys
Do my dirty work
Now, you don't see me
I'm the big boss
I do the payin' off
After they take care of you

In their own way
They may shoot you
They may cut you
They may drown you
I just don't know
I don't care
Long as they take care of you
In their own way

I'm so mad, I'm bad this mornin', like Jesse James

They gon' take you right down
By the riverside
Now four is goin' down
Ain't but three comin' back
You read between the line
We're gonna have a deal

'Cause I'm mad, I'm bad, like Jesse James

They gonna tie yo' hands
They gonna tie yo' feet
They gonna gag your throat
Where you can't holler none

An cryin' won't help you none
Set you in the water
Yeah, the bubbles comin' up

Oh yeah, I'm so mad!
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What this man could do with that same ol' beat.
Such a masterful voice, a godfather to all who followed in blues and rock & roll.
What, to live a life and not say how much you like Mr Hooker, a wasted life!