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Jimi Hendrix — Wild Thing (live)
Album: Are You Experienced?
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Released: 1967
Length: 6:45
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Jimi Hendrix - "Acoustic blues" Live:

Jimi Hendrix - "Wild Thing"Live:  

"Jimi Hendrix plays wild thing by the troggs at the Monterey Pop Festival the infamous guitar burning. Jimi Hendrix does a backward roll whilst playing plays behind his back and burns his guitar. The great Jimi Hendrix songs are Purple Haze, voodoo child slight return,  fire, hey joe, red house,  izabella,  crosstown traffic,  hear my train a coming. Jimi Hendrix plays guitar; Mitch Mitchell plays drums and Noel Redding plays bass. This is the greatest performance ever Jimi Hendrix. "

"it is a historical document that must be respected and be preserved, as must be respected the memory of the great artist who was Jimmy Hendrix."  R.I.P.