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Neil Young — Are You Ready For The Country
Album: Harvest
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Total ratings: 95

Released: 1972
Length: 3:20
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going through 2nd or 3rd number, thier isn't a better song. mid 40's now and still get a karma while this one or any other pre 80's neil is playing. It makes me want to roll another number. They half to play some tonights the night. music is timeless!!!!!!! good or bad for I it slows the fast pace my life has become and brings me back to my roots. we all need that once in a while.
Always loved this guy! Disgusting voice- but it works! like the best garage rock band in the world. This song was a staple for me \"way-back-when\"!! sigh. Nice to have it played right near a \"Cracker\" song, too!
Great tune from a great album. Loose and dirty, just like a big \'ol jam session.