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Bruce Springsteen — Working On The Highway
Album: Born in the U.S.A.
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Total ratings: 80

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Length: 3:12
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Not one of the most popular on this album but I've always liked this track.
 lbrc wrote:
i have a funny feeling that the boss never worked on a highway.
 I dont think he ever "killed a yellow man" eithter..


One of the Boss' most annoying. Perhaps second only to the awful "Pink Cadillac."
Originally Posted by lbrc: i have a funny feeling that the boss never worked on a highway.
What? Are you implying that a multi-millionaire rock star isn't in touch with the common working man? Impossible!
Bruce is what you might call a \"nervous singer\" in that he can never let more that 4 or 8 bars go without singing. It\'s as if he can\'t stand \"silences\" during a song.
Originally Posted by dmax: Totally underappreciated! Listen to the way he makes the lyrics work: "One day I looked straight at her and she looked straight back." This guy was so on when he was on.
Good one! Frankly, there are actually country music songs with lyrics that do more "work" than these. In fact, any mainstream country music star could do a decent cover of this song (and many others of BS) and it would sound like "country" lyrics.