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Greg Brown — Laughing River
Album: Dream Cafe
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Released: 1992
Length: 4:11
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I'm goin away,
'cause I gotta busted heart.
I'm leavin' today,
If my TravelAll will start.
And I recken where I'm headed,
I might need me different clothes-
Way up in Michigan,
Where the Laughing River flows.

Twenty years in the minor leagues-
Ain't no place I didn't go.
Well I gotta few hits,
But I never made the show.
And I could hang on for a few years,
Doin what I've done before.
I wanna hear the Laughing River,
Flowin' right outside my door.

My cousin Ray,
Said he's got a job for me.
Where the houses are cheap,
And he knows this nice lady.
He said she even saw me play once,
Said she smiled at my name.
Well upon the Laughing River,
Could be a whole new game.

So goodbye to the bus.
Good bye to payin' dues.
Goodbye to the cheers,
And goodbye to the booze.
Well I'm trading in this old bat,
For a fishing pole.
I'm gonna let the Laughing River,
Flow right into my soul.

[repeat first verse]
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Even for me, here in Da Yoopee, that's way up. Though not quite as Up North as Copper Harbor. 
It’s only soporific if you can’t appreciate subtlety. More sublime work from GB.
I prefer laughing gravy, me :o)
Any song about fishin immediately starts at a 7 ...
Thanks Bill and Rebecca. I got into Greg Brown thanks to KPIG radio. So good...
Great tune from a great songwriter.  GB is an American treasure. LOVE
felam wrote:
It's ok, nothing memorable.
It's rather soporific, in fact.
Kaiser wrote:
Please no "first!" crap.
looks like you did it yourself
just like Bob Geldof.
This song has some major bittersweet memories tied to it 'way up in Michigan.'
It's ok, nothing memorable.
I also really like his recording, "Slant Six Mind".
Please no "first!" crap.