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Sinéad O'Connor — Hold Back The Night
Album: Faith & Courage
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Total ratings: 80

Released: 2000
Length: 3:59
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I want to walk
Into the light
Day has turned cold
So hold back the night
What will become
Of you and I
We had a dream
Don't let it die
Do you want to be
Do you want to be
My dying day
My darkest hour
My overdose
'Cause that's what you'll be
Just hold back the night
There was a time
I'm sure you'll agree
We saw it all
A glorious sight
Everyone's burned
Everythings's gone
What we once were
Now we are not
So hold back the night
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Does anyone really think she is going to retire? I have always like her, no matter what the media has said. There\'s just something so powerful about her voice. My favorite song by her is the last day of our aquaintance.
Originally Posted by ndanger666: I think this song can be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
Word to that. I've never been a Sinead fan, but she has a couple of tracks on the newest Massive Attack CD that are pretty decent (#4 and #6 that is. I think her song at #2 is the weakest on the disc)
I think this song can be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
I would\'ve prefered some more reverb :p Ok, this song and her voice can stand a cathedral sound, like this, but I guess I\'m more a proponent of the Lucinda Williams approach. :D
Beautiful voice, ugly song
Sinead rules. What a beautiful voice.
wow, I never really understood the fuss about Sinead O\'Connor. but I like this song. a lot.
not too shabby at all I like it. Although there aren\'t many songs here that I don\'t like...haha
I think this is stunning - she has a voice like none other. This is an amazing CD.
I think it\'s time to go out and get this album.... Beautiful woman (with or without hair) and a beautiful voice.
Ahh, Sinead does it again! :D What an incredible voice she has. I\'ve always been envious
I love the transitions in her voice.. and the echo yell effect... she pulls it off well... Thanks RP !! now I've got another CD to purchase! ;)
Yea Bill... another one from this CD! Looks like I\'m agonna hafta get this one... :D