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Robert Plant — If I Were a Carpenter
Album: Fate of Nations
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Total ratings: 48

Released: 1993
Length: 3:43
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I might like this without the strings. Too much like elevator music. Nice vocals, though.
He sings this live with Priory of Brion - was a really great show to see :)
This is what I was speaking about here: Most High This is a sweet song and really wonderfully sung by Mr. Plant. Prolly his best solo album (from the sounds of it, I suspect that will change in about a month). We've got to get his version of Darkness Darkness on here.
Plant sings this song so well. Keep up the great songs!
I think there\'s wayy too much robert plant/led zeppelin played on RP.
ROTFLMAO. This is such a lame song but kind of amusing to hear Plant singing it.
Surprisingly easy to listen to.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)