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Bruce Springsteen — Born To Run [Live - Acoustic]
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Originally Posted by JrzyTmata:I LOVE Bruce! but this is just awful.
Same here.
Ho hum. If I were at this concert, I\'d probably be asleep by now. :roll:
It\'s like he\'s telling us this is all that\'s left of the Springsteen we once knew. I got the feeling the audience is kind to him and tries to help him to get to the end of it and when they get there, he rewards them by letting them sing along with him. But that\'s just my imagination running away with me. ;)
I LOVE Bruce! but this is just awful.
1 word...Arse!
I agree, boring and just too laid back. Lacking in the energy we have come to expect from Bruce.
I find this version to be plain dull. I miss the energy of the original. This seems like a pointless interpretation.
refreshing take on this song. he really knows how to reinterpret himself.