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Sigur Rós — Hjartaõ Hamast
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We know: there are a million true SICKOS out there. The majority of them must be Sigur Ros fans. A really gave them a chance. I listened to each song of 4 albums. I did not find a SINGLE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) song that did not pain the hell out of me.
Ridiculous this terrible supersweet violin-coating over each and any song. No rythm, hardly any melody and this sickening "language".
The whole SR-thing is a hoax. It can't be nothing else. How old might their fans (fans?? really??) be? Twelve? Just eight? Liking lullabies? Or are they even adults? Grannies maybe? I just can't figure it out.
I read about them, downloaded their albums and was terrified. I deleted all! Then I read again, wondered if I had been ignorant and loaded the same albums again and gave them a real chance another time. Same thing: I could hardly stand a single song. This pussy-attitude. This whining. This childish melancholy. Please point out a single, just ONE (!) single song of quality and I take anything said back and download that song a third time for good!

Really angry,
Hoppipolla - tttzzzzzzzz....!!!!!
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