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The Pretenders — Complex Person
Album: Loose Screw
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Total ratings: 65

Released: 2002
Length: 2:42
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This song is so horrible. The first four or five seconds are good and then it goes all the way downhill from there. Bad lyrics, too. :verysorry:
I\'m a very very sick and tired person (of hearing this song).
Hmmm. I\'ve been a fan of the Pretenders from day 1 but this song is far from their best. There are a couple of great ones on this new CD though, check out Lie to Me and Walk Like a Panther. Saw them live recently, great show.
ScottFromWyoming wrote:
I do not think it means what you think it means.
I think you are right. Quote from Chrissie Hynde: "The woman singing the song is saying, 'I contradict myself a lot. I have a belief system, but my actions don't necessarily reflect what I believe in. I'm a hypocrite, I say one thing and do something else." Chrissie Hynde condones hypocrisy? Right, and Randy Newman tells his wife to keep her hat on.
chrissie is one of the great female rock writers and singers. maybe she doesn\'t score a perfect 10 with this one, but i\'ll be a pretenders fan throughout all their different permutations, as long as ms. hynde remains
Originally Posted by Eulogy: Arg! This THING is worse than every song Frank Sinatra ever recorded.
I do not think it means what you think it means. You get only a C+ for your attempt to slam both Frank and Chrissie. ;)
One of the few songs that actually force me to turn off Radio Paradise :(
This song just plain sucks... Whats complex is why this band has ever gotten as far as it has.
Bleck. Cheesy lyrics. Switched to KPIG and heard \"Dan Hicks - I Scare Myself\". Score!
Hey.. I think its pretty neat.. and a surprise to hear new music from them... \'A\' for effort, 8 for the song. -T
I just jacked up my rating... this song is growing on me...
Originally Posted by Myrrh: Not familiar with this one. A new Pretenders recording? That'd be cool.
Yes, it's brand new this year. :)