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Portishead — Numbed In Moscow
Album: Sour Times (single)
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Total ratings: 85

Released: 1994
Length: 3:47
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Awful remix. "Numbed" is a fitting title, as they've drained the song of all its feeling. Please play the original album version instead. Thank you.
This whole "fake vinyl noise" thing has got to stop. I have no idea who devided it was hip, but for those of us old enough to have had to DEAL with shitty vinyl lousing up our music, it's not a good thing to hear again.
Yes, Portishead has been absolutely ignored for absolutely too long ... absolutely ... hmmm ... must be getting sleepy ... Anyway; "Roads" is their best ...
About time I heard some Portishead on RP!! While this is not my favorite Portishead song (that honor goes to Wandering Star- a song, which should by ALL MEANS BE ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST) this one pleases me as well.
rgrace wrote:
Beats the crap outta the 70's & 80s :)
Err, I'll give it to you for the 80s but early 70s rocked.
PJay wrote:
Soooo nineties
Beats the crap outta the 70's & 80s :)
Bow before the Theremin !!!
Portishead...Ok but this one has me numbed in AZ
That was VERY pleasant. One moment I'm staring at pages on my desk, and some trippy trance music comes on. Then Beth jumps in. Of course I prefer the Dummy version, but this has my loyalty for the moment.
Soooo nineties
jadewahoo wrote:
Nice.. but I definitely like the DUMMY version better.
I agree... this one is like adding A1 to a delicious sirloin. But I'd still devour it. Translation: No such thing as bad Portishead.
Nice.. but I definitely like the DUMMY version better.
Anyone know what the relationship is between this song & 'Revenge of the Number?'