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Robyn Hitchcock — Demons & Fiends
Album: Spooked
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Total ratings: 81

Released: 2004
Length: 2:10
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Wow.  Just wow.  So very, very bad.
Darlington wrote:
I own 2-3 Robyn Hitchcock records. But this is BAD.
I'm with ya on that one.
Normally, I really like Robyn Hitchcock.
Geez! You guys are harsh! This song is fine!
compared to the last halloween song from jimmy buffet, this song is an 8! i like the low ooooooooooo sound
I know these Halloween tunes don't get the highest reviews, but they're still fun to hear!
a minimum of music and a maximum of terrible vocals which I'm trying not to listen to.
After listening to the opening 30 seconds of this track I've begun searching for the quickest leap to death possible.
:ziplip.gif: Does this tell you how I feel about this awful piece?
Imagine you stuck Willie Nelson in England for 20 years, made him drink whiskey nonstop, detuned his guitar, then gave him a 4-track recorder. You'd get this song. Ick.
This song makes me wonder why so many of my uploads get "sorry". Not fond of this one. Tried to upload some T. Rex and it got shot down. Doh!
You should play this on Halloween!! ONLY on Halloween.
He's been playing Baldur's Gate too much. Geez, what a lousy piece of retarded music! No offence, but damn. Give it a 2 for having Hobgoblins and Ghouls in it..
I own 2-3 Robyn Hitchcock records. But this is BAD.
Well, OK. That was amazingly bad. Mercifully short, at least.
That was.....ummmmmm......not very good.
I like this song a lot. Real 'catchy'.