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Hooverphonic — Dirty Lenses
Album: No More Sweet Music
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Total ratings: 75

Released: 2005
Length: 4:08
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So you take your chances
Look thru dirty lenses
Unintended consequences
We don't need your ugly fences
We'll make our own way out of here

Start a car
Get away
There's so much you could see today

If we don't escape
We'll turn into
Everything we
Hate but tell me do
We even have a chance?
If we don't escape
The things we do
Won't make a difference
It's just me and you
& all our best laid plans

So we've run right off the map
Get away from all the traps
Inevitable consequences
Living only present tenses
Only living for the now
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Time to clean those lenses.
malmquna wrote:
This song is the epitome of mediocre.
but it's reminded me to call and order more contact lenses!
MinMan wrote:
Does anyone else hear Marianne Faithful's voice on this song?
I was certain she was guesting on this like all the Sinead O'Connor guests on RP.
This song is the epitome of mediocre.
ah, I like these light, easy-going Synthi-Pop tunelets ...
Does anyone else hear Marianne Faithful's voice on this song?
Perfect time to take a break and watch Robot Chicken.
Hoover(Phonic) have always been walking the thin line between good alternative music and commercial drivel. In this song they're really staggering
Just as I thought things couldn't get more formulaic than Moby, this comes along.
If you're not convinced by their recorded music, you should really check them out live. Or buy 'Sit down and listen to', a quite impressive live cd.