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Moby — Run On
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Total ratings: 68

Released: 1999
Length: 3:43
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Lord God Almighty let me tell the news
My head got wet in midnight dew
Great God i been down on my bended knees
Talking to a man from Galilee
Michael spoke and he sounded so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle of angels' feet
He put one hand upon my head
Great God Almighty let me tell you what He said

Go tell that lonesome liar
Go tell that midnight rider [???]
Tell the gamblin', ramblin' backslider
Tell them God Almighty gonna cut 'em down

You might run on for a long time
Run on, ducking and dodging
Run on, children [?], for a long time
Let me tell you God Almighty gonna cut you down

You might throw your rock [?], hide your head
Work in the dark with your fellow men
Sure as God made you rich and poor
You're gonna reap just what you sow

[chorus] x3

Some people go to church just to signify
Trying to make a date with a neighbor's wife
Brother let me tell you just as sure as you're born
You better leave that woman alone

[chorus] x8
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