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Jack Johnson — I Shall Be Released
Album: Endless Highway - The Music of The Band
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Total ratings: 81

Released: 2007
Length: 4:07
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Oh cool! Way to GO, Jack. This is a different sound for you.
 queenjill wrote:
Nina Simone totally kicks Jack's ass on this song.
Love Jack. Nina owns this song.
Thanks Bill, that really hit the spot!

A nice Dylan theme here: "Heart of Mine"; "Watching the River Flow"; and now "I Shall Be Released." I've noticed that Bob's songs take a beating of sorts here on RP. I love them, but I think other artists performing them shows that they stand the test of time, and are sometimes better than the original.
Dylan wrote it. Baez did it with lots more passion. Not sure JJ's feeling down and trapped... Those who are find some peace in this song.
Not a huge JJ fan, but this was pretty nice. Only 4 plays in 4 years. Could hear it more often.
I think he suits it nicely.  But after one reminder of the Band I'll be needin a fix of the night they drove old dixie down.
Meh, it's alright I guess. I think this song sounds better with the rough, raspy voice of Dylan.
We should be hearing more of Jack on RP.
My favorite cover of this song was on The Secret Policeman's Other Ball.
It maybe due to the fact that it was the first time I heard it. 
Such a great song, it's hard to make it suck. Not a Jack fan, but this is good..
Respectful. Jack makes it his own, which for me is the indicator of well done cover.
He has a very suave style that I can relate to. I like it.
A great song and a great version.
What is with all this hate on this song? It's beautiful...a nine!
Nina Simone totally kicks Jack's ass on this song.