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Dengue Fever — Monsoon of Perfume
Album: Venus on Earth
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Total ratings: 42

Released: 2008
Length: 4:37
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I really haven't heard much of this bands music. The few I have heard I have liked. This one,… not so much. I do like the name of the tune tho. I've known a few women that it would fit just fine.
This band is truly awful.
i starting to like these guys. i also like that you don't just keep playing the Tarantula song over and over, so that i really know i like these guys and not just that one song! and just think, if this were a ClearChannel format you'd have to wait at least 5 months before you could hear anything other than one heavy-rotation song!
Khmer rock making a come back? Irony anyone? I'll pass.
This sounds like some acid flashback to a Hanoi Bar where in a bad cover band is playing to some drunken GIs. And this is not good!
MugwumpGeo wrote:
Welcome to the Hotel Cambodia
yeah I thought the same :)
Welcome to the Hotel Cambodia