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The Pretenders — Almost Perfect
Album: Break Up the Concrete
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Total ratings: 39

Released: 2008
Length: 4:46
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She still has the pipes, but this song is bordering on annoying. I'm still hoping for the "comeback" record. I think she has it in her.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllmost phhhhhaaaaaaaaafeeeect



Been to her restaurant in Akron - very fine and you even get pints of latte!!! Doesn't get better than that. Check out the italian restaurant up the street (Luigi's or Luicheese) though who do cheese with everything including cheese with cheese topping..mmmmmm...like mamma used to make.

 greg6494 wrote:
Oh Pretenders, Wherefore Art Thou?
Yeah, I agree.  I bought this CD cuz I've always liked the band, but I'm not real happy with this one.
Maybe it will grow on me.

greg6494 wrote:
Oh Pretenders, Wherefore Art Thou?

I know! I was shocked when I saw that this "artsy" song was from that band. It's kind of neat, but annoying at the same time. Maybe it's the dissonant chords.

Oh Pretenders, Wherefore Art Thou?