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Air — Do The Joy
Album: Love 2
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Total ratings: 40

Released: 2009
Length: 2:57
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Wot, new Air! Got to get my dirty hands on this...

Not liking it much at all. I thought it was some horrible B-side from 1970.

Thought this was Porcupine Tree when it first came on.  Same kind of soundscape.
 mandolin wrote:
...coolest air i've heard...
yes...not so sappy happy....very nice change

I hear BillG has a different opinion...lol.

I used to do Joy, but we eventually broke up.
Still love the girl though.
is this the first time it is played?
I didn't know they had new stuff, great :)
I was ok with this before the voicebox started.....
...coolest air i've heard...
Caught my attention right away

Always wanted to be first!!!