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Doves — Andalucia
Album: The Places Between: The Best of Doves
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Total ratings: 58

Released: 2010
Length: 4:15
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My favorite Doves song.......and that's saying a lot; they've made some great music.
A six for now.  Would like to hear it more for a possible adjustment.
{#Lol} it's so bad.

 jim1964 wrote:
Pretty good, is this new?
The song is new, it comes from the 'Best of' cd.

Along with a bunch of familiar tunes,  there are a couple new songs (this one and 'Blue Water') some session extras, some 'B' sides and alternate versions (that is if you buy the 2-disc version). If you get the single CD you only get Andlucia.

Unmistakably Doves.  Would love to hear it a second time.
Pretty good, is this new?
Sorry, I don´t get it.
Deserve to be listened to more