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alt-J — U & Me
Album: The Dream
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Released: 2022
Length: 3:14
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Summer holiday having fun
Happiness is between two buns
Feeling funky on a rolling boil
Smiles bend all over
Can't control how I feel

It's just you and me now

Round of Kiminos for my girls in the sun
Sending videos to friends in London
Strut like Stellan Skarsgard to and from the bar, playin' my
Candied tangerine Telecaster

It's just you and me now

Two hot palms pressing down on my face
Dragged by my sockets to a better place
Flashing in the dark my luminescent tongue
Summer holiday having fun

It's just you and me now

Hanging on to the memory of that day for the rest of my life
I could hang off the memory of this day for the rest of my life
Doing pull-ups off the memory of this day for the rest of my life

Falling through a sinkhole
Like sitting on a birthday cake
Triggered by that scene in Mullholland Drive

Merry, merrier, happier, heavier
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Alt-J has a few stinkers but also some great songs, this included.
Also just read this on some random site: "Alt-J is also a band that got their name from a shortcut originally used to create the Greek letter delta (Δ) on an Apple computer."
Been really diggin' this new album. The 3 tracks on RP are great examples.
thanks RP

these guys have truly gone interstellar

listening to them makes me feel like I am in my early twenties trying to figure out MUSIC. They confuse me in the best way, I can not possibly give this album a higher compliment. WOW
Thanks RP
"Happiness is between two buns" - clearly someone's enjoying his hot dog :)
Sounds almost like what we'd hear if Beck put out a pop flavored album in 2022, in a good way.
Never cared a whole lot for Alt J but I think they're growing on me.
Bumping this up to a solid 8.

Cool dream.

I want a candied tangerine telecaster and I want one now!!!
LOVE this album! Can’t stop listening to it. And it’s all RP’s fault. 🙏
"Strut like Stellan Skarsgard to and from the bar, playin' my
Candied tangerine Telecaster"

Between these lyrics and the album cover, I think my mind is blown. 
 jelgator wrote:
Second place = first loser

Thank you, Ricky Bobby.
Whooooah! New album by Alt-j. Thanks!
This song is just delicious.
 xc.farmer.antoine486 wrote:

Cool! First to comment...?!

Nope!  Second place = first loser

Good Tune!
Love Alt-J 
Good tune! I never heard of them before. ...Thank You RP!
This is not my cup of tea.  BUT I give them credit for being original and coming up with something that doesn't sound like every other song out there today.  Respect. 
At the very least, no one can argue that they are producing some pretty unique stuff.  Love being challenged...and LLRP!
This guitar sounds familiar. . Maybe national, snow patrol..
According to their wikipedia page:

"On 16 September 2021, the band announced their first new single since
2018, titled "U&ME", would be released 22 September 2021.[56] The single's release coincided with the announcement of their upcoming 4th album, The Dream, which is scheduled to be released 11 February 2022.[57"
Ah yes. Here we are now with some real music. Love the Awesome Wave album. 
 walter22 wrote:

Released: 2022 - Back to the future!

Winner! First to comment! 
Cool! First to comment...?!
Released: 2022 - Back to the future!