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Hamilton Leithauser — In A Blackout
Album: I Had A Dream That You Were Mine
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Total ratings: 299

Released: 2016
Length: 3:13
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I live in a nameless town
No need to wander around
I live in a nameless town
In a black out

Many friends have said goodbye
Paraded out in one proud line
I say they all just lost their minds

Midnight where we used to dance
Underneath the ugly halogen lamps
Oh, it all went away so fast
In a black out

We'll wait for the year
When the tide comes
Rolling over the rails
From here 'til the end
Of the island
Washing away

I rent a room with all our stuff
When you come home I'd lift you up
And there's only the two of us
In a black out

Now you're sleeping in the back
Of a speeding yellow cab
Throw a kiss goodbye to all of that
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good lyrics and that rather sad-nostalgic melody; vocals are different and suit the tune well
This kinda' rubs me the wrong way ...
How could I have missed so much incredible music in my life ? Thank you RP
Grows on me more and more.
I lived in that town.
!new2us.  pleasant
Thats a cool tune...love fresh tracks!
First comment, but somebody got the first rating in before me.