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Shamir — Reproductive
Album: Heterosexuality
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Total ratings: 155

Released: 2022
Length: 4:33
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Returned Venus, love is meaningless
For the first 25 and I guess that's alright with me
Life gets tricky when you're breaking curses from another life
In the hopes that the next one will be...

A reward for all the strife I hold within me
So much that it's almost comical
At best, I'm exceedingly protean
And at worst I'll never know peace...

Reproductive and destruction from which I can't come back
And god knows I know that, but still...
I'll stay focused on my purpose
Done holding myself back, the world will do that for me...

And the off chance I have a moment of clarity
It magnifies the ugly truth
I'll make sure the evil ends here with me
If it's the only thing I do...

Returned Venus, death is seamless when you sharpen the knife
There's a chance you might not even bleed
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Love this! Prince reincarnated? <3
The tremolo of  Eilish spread!
It gets better with a few listens!  
Seems to almost grab at the branches of greatness as they go by, but can't quite get a good grip... 

Anyone get a The Cure vibe in there somewhere?
Nice addition to RP and gets the award for using "protean" in a song. 
Nice groove, kind of dreamy feel.