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GoGo Penguin — Ascent
Album: From the North - GoGo Penguin Live in Manchester
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Length: 4:27
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Thank you, RP, for yet another introduction to a band I'd not realised was missing from my listening.
Sounds like they are carrying-on the torch for earlier The Bad Plus.
Quite the artist bio here...two sentences...
More bass! I gotta have more bass!!
My wife and I just had a conversation about RP - to wit - when we first started buying albums in the 60's and 70's, what governed our choices.  Basically, we spent a lot of time in record stores and listening to friends' music choices.  My wife lived in southern Ontario and was able to listen to Buffalo, NY and Detroit FM stations.   We had no "good" FM stations available in Alberta, where I was living.  

Fast forward to present day - ALL our new music choices come from artists and songs we hear on Radio Paradise!  Thank you, thank you, thank you RP for continuously introducing us to great musicians creating quality music in this century
VERY promising on first listen, never heard of them. A comfortable "7" to start