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The Rolling Stones — Cry To Me
Album: Out Of Our Heads
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Total ratings: 64

Released: 1965
Length: 3:02
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bluedot wrote:
worth 99¢ to give rp an itunes nickel...
(replying to myself here) itunes doesn't DO stones (or beatles). wtf?
worth 99¢ to give rp an itunes nickel...
Whaaa Daaaa Surprise !!!! Wonderful
Roots Rock... Rolling Stones when, in their earlier years, they had soul. Thaks for reminding us of who the Stones were...
The Rolling Stones are OVER RATED!!
Wow, I sure didn't expect to hear this. Good tune, thanks for playing it.
We owe the Brit bands a debt for discovering, covering, and turning us on to the Blues that were happening in our own back yards (at least back yards in some parts of the US) way back then. I love British Blues as a sub genre.
Only like a handfull of Stones songs...this is not one of them! :headshake:
My father had a construction contract for Decca records back in 1967. They had giant stacks of boxes of albums they couldn't sell so they were just giving them away to employees and the like. This album and High Tide were among the featured specials. Wish I knew what vinyl would be worth when I grew up.