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Wow!  Thanks PSD!  Never heard this before, and there's a reason why, as it hasn't been played for 13.5 YEARS!
Jeez, this isn\'t a cover, it\'s more like a duplicate.
This CD is chocked full of great versions. Play a few more cuts Bill.
Cool! I love the original, but this is a great take -- as if Nick Lowe hadn't slept for a week, had a few drinks, and then played it with the house band in a roadside bar somewhere. A nice surprise.
loads of Tom Petty on RP lately... starting to get old.
It\'s lacking the typical English understatement, but is a bit arrogant instead, which makes it maybe catchier, but not necessarily better.
Worthwhile cover of the Nick Lowe tune. I still prefer the original.
Pretty damn good cover.
I love Nick Lowe, but I have to admit this cover rocks!
I like Nick Lowe lots more than Tom Petty. More Nick please