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Greg Brown — Not High
Album: Further In
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Total ratings: 819

Released: 1996
Length: 4:21
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I'm not high, not too lowly
I try to fly but I beat my wings too slowly
I just got back from a foreign land
Sit in my kitchen beat pots and pans
Only you can fill my hands the right way
I'm not high

I'm not high, not too lowly
I try to get by on wine and poetry
Music from the good places
Go light and don't leave a trace it's
On to the next place so quickly

I'm not high, but I will be
If you stop by, ah, you kill me
A two-day hug, a three-day kiss
A loving stretch of common bliss I
Did not know it could be like this
But I do now
I'm not high, no no no I'm not

I'm not high, not too lowly
The days go by just like they know me
They know just how to get my goat
They kiss me hard and then grab me by the throat
Then they sail away in a little boat, westerly
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 MeanUncleJake wrote:
Greg Brown gets better with every listen- thanks RP
Geht mir genauso - und ohne RP w├╝rde ich den Typ gar nicht kennen.

Greetings from Bavaria to all the listeners outside
And the length of the song is 4:20. 
Greg Brown gets better with every listen- thanks RP
 Peakmecca wrote:
Greg Brown? I thought this was Flight of the Conchords with Jemaine Clement on vocals. 

Funny thing for me is that, thanks ENTIRELY to RP, I recognized this as GB in 1 or 2 notes.....which means I should +1 my 7 to an 8....Long Live RP!!
Instantly love the bendy chords. Fun tune.
Another Greg Brown song that makes me giggle. Love him like I love John Prine.
Knot high. 
'Not High' ? !! -
OH no. This guy's high.


Greg Brown? I thought this was Flight of the Conchords with Jemaine Clement on vocals. 

Ha! What a foolio... Dave Matthews Band everywhere 
always happ happ happy rabby here to hear greg
Nice Song !!!
love this album. "two little feet" and the title track are brilliant. 
Love the big guy, especially when he gets edgy (Slant 6 Mind).
he can not be high to play that good and speak that fast in an intelligible fashion.  
I like this better than the other offerings of his here
Love his voice. Interesting lyrics too.
more rubber lips?

Like it, and like the cover art.  For the record the (next to) last comment was made in 2004.

I didn't hear Greg until about 10 years ago, at which point I went out and bought just about everything he'd done within a few weeks. This particular album a favorite. 

Aww, greg is the man. A long list of CD's with a great vibe. if you're new to greg brown and like what you've heard, just go and buy a copy of "dream cafe". One of those CD's that's simply a masterwork; not so much a collection of songs, there's a thread that runs through it in some strange way where it feels, overall, like one big statement about life, relationships, family, and one guy's struggle to be a good man as he looks back at a heck of a life. I see some folks dislike the guy here, and to each their own, but if this sort of thing blows yer dress up, "dream cafe" is one of the finest collections of the last 20 years (and for the record, I like me some sex pistols and clash and led zep and bla bla bla... it ain't about "folk music", it's about "good music" that connects in some big ways).
Not high, but cool... Da Doo Da Doo Da Doo Da Doo ...
Not in a Greg mood, need summit more upbeat <-X
I saw Greg Brown and another famous folkie about 18 years ago in Vancouver. The show headlined the other famous folkie but Greg Brown absolutely stole the show. And yet he has gotten even better since then.
is this ever going to go anywhere? sail away already... please.
Please, get high already. :yawn: pretty good
Greg Brown is a must see live...he's a busy touring kind of guy so you should be able to find him somewhere on the club or festival circuit.
More Greg Bown. Please! The man is incredible.
oh yeah!
darn nice! never heard oh the guy. can we hear more? :clap:
Yeah, can we......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
and the list grows. i can't afford this station.
Just about anything from Greg is incredible. If you haven\'t checked him out yet, do so by all means. He\'s been around for years - since at least the early 80\'s; did some great work with Bo Ramsey not too long ago. Check out www.gregbrown.org - an amazing, unique musician! :notworthy: Please, more Greg on RP!
darn nice! never heard oh the guy. can we hear more? :clap:
absoulutely beautiful!
Jeebus... This is making my ears bleed. Please make it stop!!!
Greg is a national treasure who MUST be experienced in concert. Check out his live album.
Greg\'s a huge fan of Van Morrison. You can really hear it in this song. I think he intentionally did pulled \"a Van\" at the end.
Bathtub blues, i believe, is the name of the kids disc. It is quite good, but then, all his stuff is.