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The Pretenders — Creep
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 miya wrote:
"Creep" is not supposed to sound this *happy.* Nice voice but the interpretation is terrible.
Watch the video. You'll see that this is not at all a "happy" version. :)
I was going to upload this if it wasn't being played. I love this version. Played it many times here (home and car).
She\'s becoming quite the cover queen. I don\'t think the world needed another version of I Shall Be Released - but I guess this one is OK.
Interesting comments on this and the Radiohead version. Chrissie\'s version here is nice. Hard to really compare the two. Always liked the Pretenders. First album was a real trailblazer at the time (\'78 or so), although sounds almost tame today. But still a real good one.
Originally Posted by Johray63: Well Chrissie Hynde is surely pretending here! Or is it ironical? Didn't she after all once sang; 'I'm special, so special'?
From an interview with Chrissie Hynde:""Brass in Pocket" is just me trying to write like "The Boys Are Back in Town." And people think that person is me, people think I'm a real hard-ass. I like "Creep" 's reversal of the "Brass in Pocket" lyric, because I don't really have that kind of confidence, but it's a rock tradition and I'm very traditional when it comes to my rock..."
why does she laugh when she says fook? Dot
I really do not like to be negative at all, but sometimes ya just have to and I just don't think this does anything for me. I guess I'm biased considering how highly I think of Radiohead, but this version just deosn't add anything to this song. I did give it a 2 though just cos I don't feel sick yet.
I think it\'s fine for Pretenders to cover Radiohead just not Creep. I mean have you ever seen Radiohead. They have the right to sing I\'m a creep or a weirdo . . . Pretenders doing Creep is like someone saying they\'re Goth via an email from their Imac. It just doesn\'t fit.
Se han cargado la cancion!!! It\'s a cake!! Es un pastel!!
What a bizarre mix of comments. Never heard this before but I went through both sets of reactions. It started out cool... the single acoustic guitar and CH. Then it turned into some strange pop thing. The vibe of the song disappeared somewhere. I love Radiohead... and really like the Pretenders. This leaves a lot to be desired.
Wow. I always liked the original version of this song for its lyrics and tension. Now Chrissie replaces that guy who can\'t sing, and brings out the emotions that the songwriter poured into this song.
Well Chrissie Hynde is surely pretending here! Or is it ironical? Didn\'t she after all once sang; \'I\'m special, so special\'?
Originally Posted by roland: First you played Radiohead's "Optimistic" and next The Pretenders with this Radiohead Cover "Creep"... I love your sense of humor! Your playlists were godlike (10)
yes, it did that again today. I guess that the playlist is quite static...
Gotta agree with Sean on this one. Don\'t think this is a good song for Chrissie to cover, just can\'t picture her as a creep. :roll: