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Moby — The Day
Album: Destroyed
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Total ratings: 60

Released: 2011
Length: 4:26
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Moby seems to be floating off into mediocrity with this new stuff
It's Moby, it sucks. Nothing, but NOTHING to be compared with Bowie's work.
What happened to Moby? He was good in the GO days, sucked with his heavy metal stuff, got amazing for a while in the Porcelain era, pretty much disappeared, and now this... It's hard to defend against the haters when this uninspired stuff is what comes out.
 WayUpNorth wrote:
Wow, good call! I was just thinking he sounded like David Bowie...{#Smile}
this is as boring as the album cover
They shouldn't have let all those dogs in the studio with their chew toys.
First impression-pretty dull and uninspired.
He sounds a little Bowie-esque in this one. I like it. {#Yes}
god dammt