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The Cactus Blossoms — Ballad Of An Unknown
Album: One Day
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Total ratings: 234

Released: 2022
Length: 3:15
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The city is a prairie
That combs its hair
Shaves its face

Didn't wanna move here
Had to get a new job
Just another place

Fate is arrow
Can't pull it out
Gotta break it off

He was alive when I found him
His eyes were sad
His cheeks were pale

No signs of violence or foul play
Maybe he slipped and fell
He could barely breathe

He drew me close
Whispered in my ear
How long, how long
can this go on?

Time moves on
Pеople pass by
He remains

On thе ground
By a busy street
Without a name

Wonder what happened
None of their business
Just another day

How long, how long
can this go on?
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I love that popular music more timeless, as in Harder to timestamp. Most 70s rock had a really signature sound, and 80s Pop sticks out like a sore thumb. You could have told me this was recorded in 1992, 2002, or last year, and I’d have believed any one of those.
The Mark Knopfler is strong in this one. 
often a favorite song is mostly about the emotions it simulates, this one stimulates deep serious ones...
Bill, it's happening again as I type this: before the song is over your voice comes on and the song abruptly ends! I've tried to contact your tech department to no avail.

Also, unlike in the past when I would log on, a song no longer starts at the beginning but rather in the middle.

Something's wrong with your code lately. Just thought you'd like to know.
Thanks for the comment to accompany this song BillG...many of us likely feel the same way...yeah, just yeah...

It's so hard to read all of the news out of the US and not be angry and hurt by our American cousins...but its good to know that some of you still have a heart...
Really nice harmonies Evelyesques + Calexicosques guitar = Win 
First listen, but I like it! It has all the elements of a great old Western ballad, yet is quite apropos in today's world...
I see what you did there (previous song was Blue Lips)
So nice to hear The Cactus Blossoms on RP.
Listen to their older releases. They're great too.
This is good. Thanks Bill!
Killer lyrics
I sure like this new music you've been bringing us. Thanks Rebecca and Bill!
Good stuff. I like it.