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Catie Curtis — River Winding
Album: Catie Curtis
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Released: 2004
Length: 3:43
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River winding through this mill town
My hometown is dark by four
Winter coming, the mills have long shut down
No one's working anymore
I drove by McDonalds and a long line was followed
From a posting today of a job
River winding through the darkness
Always to rise and fall

River winding, you wouldn't believe how many souls
Were glued right here
Winter coming, everyone's got shoes
But no one knows how to get through the year
I drove by my high school
And the students are so few now
So many families have left
River winding through the darkness
Sometimes cursed and sometimes blessed

River winding, sparkling in the moonlight
Cleaner than it's been
But the main street store fronts are mostly empty now
Hand written signs, space for rent
I drove by the factories and the windows were broken
Where the lights used to be always on
River winding through the darkness
Always to move along
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No doubt she's writing about the Saco River, in Maine, but she might as well be writing about my hometown in Massachusetts too. Mill towns are shrinking and boarded up. Families leaving, no jobs or opportunities. Sad. 
While her voice isn't anything but average (don't jump on me for that...), the lyrics are pretty evocative and that's a talent.  I like it, not love, but a strong like...would listen again....
I find it quite comforting right now when I need it.  That trumps all of your bullshit negative comments.  It served at least one purpose.

Mine.  Tonight.  Right now.

If you'd like further discussion about it, refer to my avatar.

Peace suckers.   
Nice song!
Good for her. 
Way too much of this kind of Lilith Fair redux on RP. Heard enough of this sound ten years ago to last me a dozen or so lifetimes.
Nice to hear 'river songs'... interesting theme. Brown's song, previous to this one is better. Curtis' song seems kind of derivitive... Sheryl Crow on downers... Xeric: nice droll remark! hee hee
Uniquely unoriginal.
mefrombrazil wrote:
female vocals are too common.
Hell, yes. Seems like damned near half of 'em, these days.
female vocals are too common.
Started @ 5 4 3...
She paints pictures of America, its country landscapes and lanes of shady trees on back streets in small towns with little kids wandering around and parents fully comfortable that everyone is going to be okay. Nice sound.
it's decent, nothing more, nothing less. Still a thousand times better than anything on commercial radio so i'm not tuning out just yet...
Leslie wrote:
I love this woman's voice.
Me too!
Patrick wrote:
Someone pukes into a microphone and you give them a 5.8.
Interesting standard.
aharamanx wrote:
Couldn't get past McDonalds.
i'm with you ... man i could go for some mcnuggets!
A 5.8 average? You all must be kidding. Someone pukes into a microphone and you give them a 5.8.
Leslie wrote:
I love this woman's voice.
What Leslie said!
I love this woman's voice.
If you like this cut, you'll love her CD\'s: \"A Crash Course in Roses\" and \"My Shirt Looks Good On You\"
I bought her \"Truth from Lies\" CD from hearing some cuts here on RP. Once you listen to her voice, you can recognize it anywhere -- & it doesn\'t resemble Sarah McLaughlin\'s at all. This is the first time I\'m hearing this one & I like it.
Wow, that\'s a new entry for my top ten of favourite songs, released since 2000. It\'s like driving with her and get part of her nostalgic (melancholy) feelings.