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Lucinda Williams — Which Will
Album: Sweet Old World
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Total ratings: 187

Released: 1992
Length: 3:46
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Which will you go for
Which will you love
Which will you choose from
From the stars above

Which will you answer
which will you call
Which will you take for
For your one and all

Tell me now
Which will you love
The best

Which do you dance for
Which makes you shine
Which will you choose now
If you won't choose mine

Which will you hope for
Which can it be
Which will you take now
If you won't take me

Tell me now
Which will you love
The best
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Great original by Nick Drake, and great cover by Lucinda Williams.
I’ve liked many of the ‘Out There’ versions of Nicks songs played on this station. But this old school cover shows you don’t always need to stray too far from the original.
If this is nick drake cover, it is better than original
Wow, what a great cover of the Nick Drake tune. And her voice is so smooth here, which is not something I say about her often. Nice!
a bit of Stevie Nicks in her voice on this old one