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English Beat — Tears of a Clown
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Length: 2:34
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Bill,  play this one please?
 ddog wrote:
Make that 13 years...
16 years! 
Make that 13 years...
This song hasn't been played in over 4 1/2 years! What's the deal? Looks like it was bashed senseless back in 2003, but I beg to differ. I think it's a fine tribute to "The Smoke-Man"...
The are so many BETTER Beat songs!!! This rendition is NOT one of their best.
Originally Posted by ndanger666: If Smokey weren' still alive, he'd be turning over in his grave. :D
i think the unholy mummy of smokey was on american idol recently. :D
can we ska-ify some more songs (note sarcasm). did ub40 change its name?
If Smokey weren\' still alive, he\'d be turning over in his grave. :D
Blech! Sounds forced and hurried.
This is like Smokey\'s version on loads of caffeine
I like the beat, but something just isn\'t quite right about this rendition...
I love Smokey\'s version better, but this is fun.
That was great!!
This is a great cover from a FABULOUS band who then got into a fight with its record company, and i couldn\'t get any more of their disks. more!
No, no, no, no, no, no - I only want to hear Smokey Robinson sing this one.
Originally Posted by apd: but do we have to keep calling them the "english" Beat?
Well isn't that the name of the band?
one of the great cover versions, of the great first albums, one of the great album covers - ah, my teenage years.... but do we have to keep calling them the \"english\" Beat?