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Red Hot Chili Peppers — Universally Speaking
Album: By The Way
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Total ratings: 54

Released: 2002
Length: 4:15
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Love this, love the Chili's. Simple as that.
Great song. Hope to hear it more!!!
Everyone seems to be so incredibly harsh to the Red Hot Chili Peppers here at RP. I can\'t figure out why. These guys are true pioneers and I still think they are putting out some amazing albums. I\'m disappointed that the listeners with so-called \"eclectic intelligent\" tastes in music are so quick to snub the Chili Peppers. :(
Frankly, I\'m amazed that the Chili Peppers have lasted as long as they have. Unfortunately they seem to have done it by getting more boring by each subsequent album.
Simply speaking, he drones on and on.
Soooo annoying :(