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Samples — Taxi
Album: The Last Drag
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Total ratings: 82

Released: 1993
Length: 4:25
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barely making ... good band for a high school dance...20 years ago
One of my very favorite bands! I lived in Aspen, Colorado for ten years and these guys were amazing every time I saw them. Also, Sean Kelly was very friendly the couple times I've had the pleasure of talking with him. More Samples songs please- "Feel us shaking" from their first album, "When it's raining" and "Taking us home" from "No Room" would be excellent additions. These guys kind of picked up where the Police left off- they should be huge, but for some reason (burned bridges on the business side of things, perhaps), that hasn't really happened...yet. They've played with so many bands that are now international sensations, it just seems like they should be there as well. Maybe Radio Paradise will be the source that catapults them to superstardom. After all, it's only a matter of time before Radio Paradise has millions of listeners at any given time...won't that be poetic justice!
The singing sort of reminds me of America...
Roverfish wrote:
Damn, I like this song!
yep, my favorite from the boys from Boulder (by way of the northeast if memory serves).
Damn, I like this song!
My all time favourite Samples song. Never had the chance to hear it in concert, though. Play more Samples!!
We\'ve also seen them several times. They hold up well - play more!
Yeah, Wow! I\'ve seen these guys about 4 times in concert and loved every second of it. This song is a staple. Thanks RP! :)
Lots of jukeboxes in Colorado stock the Samples. Always have dug this one. Thanks for playing.
Yes!!! Samples are my all-time favorites. We need to get more of these guys on here. Wild River, Feel us Shaking are fabulous songs.
And for a wealth of live and FREE music by the Samples, check out: ftp://samples.dhs.org/The_Samples/
Don\'t think I\'ve heard any music from these guys, but I like this cut. Any more on the playlist?
The samples is a really neat band that just didn\'t quite break out when other bands of the same era did (like Dave Matthews). I encourage you to check out their music...really cool stuff.