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Stereophonics — Nice To Be Out
Album: Just Enough Education to Perform
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Total ratings: 435

Released: 2001
Length: 2:59
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He asked me "so where have you been?"
Let me think now let me see.
I stood once where Hitler's feet had stood when he made his speech
in Nuremburg in '38 he tried to build the perfect race,
he said "black man ain't gonna run alongside our perfect sons."
It was Dallas to the library, the place they ended Kennedy.
I stood where Oswald took his shot, in my opinion there's a bigger plot.
Costners back into the left, the picket fence, the better bet.
Paris came and Summer went, the tunnel's now a flower bed.
The famous turf that made Geoff Hurst, the vodka stops to quench my thirst.
Golden gate stroke Alcatraz and the fat man failed to get us passes.
Jimmy's corner in Raging Bull,
De Niro's jokes and bottled pills.
Elvis tales from Mr. Woodward, any Richard Burton if you could?
The tourists stare at tourist stops. One more picture, one more god.
Another top up for a change, it makes you think, it makes you sane.
Talking more about yourself, there's a mirror to have a check.
Cheques are always passing through, some depart but a lot come too.
Restaraunt talk of pick your teeth. You bite your tongue or chew your meat.
Sleep to drink or drink to sleep, one more week and we will meet.
We'll talk of what we haven't done since we departed back a month.
We argue why we have to shout.
All in all, it's nice to be out.
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A blast from the past, thanks Bill
I like the way it sounds as it goes nowhere; call it an 8 and I usually listen to the entire thing.
Long Live RP!!
The problem is the song is all verses. No chorus, no bridge, no break, just verse after verse.
That, and the vocal fry. 
 Geecheeboy wrote:

It's called "vocal fry" and it drives me nuts. I don't think this singer is doing it necessarily. He is kinda croaky but not sure it's "fry."

Um...yepsy, that's 'fry'. 
Croaky and monotonous, to my ears.  A bit more in the vocal gymnastics department might cheer it up.
This song is one giant run-on, and the complete lack of melody makes for a pretty boring listen. I stayed to see where the lyrics were going, but it felt like a pretty big waste of 3 minutes. Ho-hum at best.
Never understood any enthusiasm for this band. Here in the UK they are the preserve of people who feel they should listen to pop music.
 cavemanleong wrote:
Still; waiting for Handbags And Gladrags to be played on RP.
Well there's a good request.
Still; waiting for Handbags And Gladrags to be played on RP.
We all have our likes and dislikes.... I -- for one .. could go the rest of my days without Meatloaf's" Paradise by the Dashboard Light".
One too many drunken sing-a-longs in local bars after last call. Makes me want to puncture my eardrums with a pencil on the spot.
This song is a bit repetitive -- but not HORRIBLE.
We are here again, aren't we?
It's called "vocal fry" and it drives me nuts. I don't think this singer is doing it necessarily. He is kinda croaky but not sure it's "fry."
CRAP! PSD! {#Grumpy}
That croaky vocal deliberately degraded thing is not attractive to me at all.

Hearing it more and more from shop assistants, news reporters and 'wanting to be different' people in their thousands. 

Perhaps they've all got polyps. 
Just enough education to pull off;
The only thing that interferes with
My learning is my education.
The music may be a little flat, but the lyrics are great.
wow, I hear no melody, no variety, no tune, no anything. This definitely isn't one of their better ones!
this is good, sp are gods. EoS.
Not shabby.
the best easy-listening pop band in these days... but don't try to go deeper!
Definitely not one of their better songs. But i urge the nay-sayers out there to give the You Gotta Go There to Come Back CD a listen. Especially Maybe Tomorrow and Nothing Precious at All. They're really a talented group
Atonal... bleck.
Didn't listen to the lyrics (as usual), but musically this is about as exciting as a cardboard box. With no printing on it. And it's open, so you can see it's empty inside.
Very cool sound. Interesting lyrics. Enjoyable.
I just wish I got all of the references in this...gotta love the intelligent lyrics.
What a stinker!
A great song overall
i love stereophonics. they're so awesome. i'd love to hear a thousand trees and pick a part that's new. especially the latter. any stereophonics is fine with me. ^_^
a 5.2 overall rating seems far to low for this highly decent song!
Very enjoyable!
Great Song. I am gonna have to check these guys out.
Good to hear Sterophonics on RP.... but this is not thier best. Have a Nice Day is a better song.
how the words intelligent or eclectic could ever be assosciated with this band amazes me
Agreed. There are some really great songs on this album but this isn\'t one of them.