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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Jerry Douglas — Bourbon and Rosewater
Album: Bourbon & Rosewater
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Released: 2011
Length: 4:01
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WoW Don’t remember ever hearing this one before
Harry Manx's teacher and the inventor of the Mohan Veena.
this is very interesting, and I mean that positively...:)
You were doing pretty good until this song...then ya lost me.....
So...do you think they were drinking bourbon and rosewater when they wrote this song?....or is it just a metaphor for the deep notes and the lighter, more frivolous riffs?

Wow...  very very groovy...  love it...
Jazz gets me like this.  Very clever, probably, but makes me feel like I am not bright enough to work it out.  Stops me enjoying it.
What beautiful and creative instrumentation!!  More of this, Bill.  Thank you.
What an odd combination. I think I like it.
Loving this swishy fusion. Cool!
Enjoy the cover art-makes the cross-cultural emphatically cool-Think George would have like this recording-just needed a uke!      {#Sunny}