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Album: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
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Total ratings: 21

Released: 2008
Length: 4:15
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OK, these guys have lost it.
Bill, I know you love David Byrne but ... enough. This hurts.
just because it's ENO and Byrne doesn't mean it's good, . . . and in fact, this sucks . . . .
Please, please, please, don't ever even THINK of playing this again.  Go to a hypnotist & have him make you forget that this entire album even exists.
holy shit i am SOFA KING sick of david byrne at this point and ALL HIS MANY INCARNATIONS.  you can tell by my use of caps that i mean it.
"You got Byrne in my Eno!" "You got Eno in my Byrne!"

Sadly, in this case, the combination turns out... icky.