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Stereophonics — Daisy Lane
Album: Pull the Pin
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Total ratings: 131

Released: 2008
Length: 3:23
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Outside it's summer, indoors it's cool
It's just after 3pm, I see kids leaving school
Policeman are walking, walking in lines
Tight side by side
A young boy's died

15 years old, slow walking alone
They stole his phone, he never got home
Three boys in hoods
A warm summer's day
Stuck him and killed him and then ran away

Now there's red spray paint slashed on the wall
R.I.P. Baby, we love you from all
Just that one moment, ended their days
Outside my house on Daisy Lane...
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only get this on psd's and leave it playing just so I can look at those wicked lips  : )   cool
Today is the greatest..."
I think the music is alright, though forgetable, whereas that Pull the Pin artwork is brilliant
sort of a 'aint going nowhere mundane song'' really bad for a group of this calibre.
Not BBBBad!  7
First time hearing this. I like it - a 6 for now.
oft-overlooked and frequently brilliant...
I just love the title of this song.

And the song isn't bad either! {#Good-vibes}