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The Lumineers — Morning Song
Album: The Lumineers
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Total ratings: 89

Released: 2012
Length: 4:58
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The carbonation in my drink
The bubbles rise while my heart sinks
And I'll I tend to do is think of you

Was it easier to pack your bags
And book that flight to paris as
The plane began to move that afternoon

When all the trains have pulled away
From local stations in decay
It's I who waits, it's you who's late again

And did you think of me when you made love
To him, was it the same as us
Or was it different, it must have been

And all the pretty dames
They'll hug and kiss you all the same
And when they go, they're gone
They're not run-ning late
Oh all, all the pretty dames

And the kids you hold in your arms
With promises to protect them from harm
But they grow, and they go
And you're all a-lone
All the kids, all the kids that you hold

And it's a shame that it ends this way
With nothing left to say
So just sit on your hands, while I walk aw-ay
It's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame
When my hands begin to shake
When bitterness is all I taste
And my car won't stop
Cause I cut the brakes
I hold on to a hope in my fate

Oh oh ah ah hey hey
May you return to love one day
Well I hope and I pray
You get what you gave
Oh oh ah ah hey hey
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 arlvatom wrote:

what an annoying song - make it stop.

This song seems to have struck a nerve with you. Sorry he/she left you... or perhaps nobody ever has which makes you lucky that you don't get it.
what an annoying song - make it stop.
Carbonation?  Seriously? 
Is there a rating lower than one?
 Euskadita wrote:
Where does this song go? Nowhere.
I'm happy it disappeared as soon as I hit PSD.
 Euskadita wrote:
Where does this song go? Nowhere.

As long as it doesn't come back, I'm OK with it.
Where does this song go? Nowhere.
Not all that fond of the intro, it's a bit too staccato.  We'll see what the rest has to offer.