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Bonobo — Second Sun
Album: Migration
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Total ratings: 435

Released: 2017
Length: 3:38
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This is gorgeous.
I'm not sure about or not that keen on the music--ok, to me it's a 7--but that art work is a rad number 8 of natural and biblical beauty.  
and I thought Bambro Koyo Ganda was his peak
Migration to the place chere burns the second sun, deep inside of me... The thirst is in you !
NICE! ....the previous band before this, had a distorted synthesizer sound that turned me off!
Long time listener. First time commenter. THANK YOU! to Bill and Rebecca for enhancing my life with music!
8 on first listen. Not bad.
 BCarn wrote:
First comment. (Oh, yay.)
Sort of....okay. I guess.
Nicely said.  You captured the gist of, um, something.
First comment. (Oh, yay.)
Sort of....okay. I guess.