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The Beatles — Piggies
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 KevinM wrote:

what they need's a damn good whacking

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Not the best rated Beatles number.  Only 104 ratings now
But I like it 
Just enough to put "PIggies" into my favorites and bring me back
This song comes in my head each time I visit the state Capitol...
the white album would have been the best album ever made if this kind of crap didnt fill it out
what they need\'s a damn good whacking :)
Originally Posted by Angelus: How odd!! I've never heard this before... One of the cool things about RP. :)
Wow, you must get the white album, it's full of these off beat songs.
Love this odd Harrison number... and contrary to what many believe it has nothing to do with being a vegetarian... This is what made The White Album so outstanding... it was all over the place, but everywhere it did go, it gave the listener an unforgettable journey. Cheers Jacques Radio Paradise: What Radio Could Have Been.